Produced by SHARP. "Coldrrr" - FLomega

The latest release from Alias The @iktSHARP. as FLomega


Produced by SHARP. "Listen" - MidaZ The Beast #TheNew52

As told by MidaZ: "The homie SHARP had sent me a beat tape that this instrumental was on and I was super into it. I remember playing the beat for IMAKEMADBEATS for the first time and him just losing it. And he's not an easy producer to impress. We (IMAKEMADBEATS and I) connect on our love for production that sounds like this. Dirty soul, very mysterious. melodic. And I just did my thing. #BEAST
Fat Shout to Gift Revolver


MAXIM MMXIII [instrumental EP] Now Available

The New Instrumental EP by SHARP. (Thump Connection) Now available at digital music retailers worldwide!
iTunes link below or click the title.

purchase on iTunes 3.19.13
Sharp. - Maxim MMXIII

THRAX press

The good folks at 'Daylight Curfew' heard the new demo...

Introducing: Thrax – The Upmost

Recently some freshness landed in our inbox that we thought should be transmitted back to all of you out there. Thrax’s newest release, The Upmost, with production by Raida and Sharp, combines beats that are tough and classic with vocals that embrace ill wordplay, elegance and emotion. Definitely keep an eye out for this team.


Daylight Curfew feature

I recently submitted a beat to 'Daylight Curfew's series "The 7's". They Pick the 7" sample, and you flip it.
My sample flip was selected as a "top pick". #Win
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